Sponsoring and Support

Friends of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra e.V.

Today the public financial means for cultural departments are developing more and more negative. The Friends of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra e.V. together with its members and numerous national and international donators and connections contribute effectively to support the Dresdner Philharmonie, one of the best german-based philharmonic orchestras with more than 140 years of tradition. 

One of the most exciting activities of the last years have been the initiative and funding for the new EULE-Organ, realised inside of the Dresdner Kulturpalast, with an concert-hall, which is for sure one of the best concert-facilities worldwide.


Jewish Community of Dresden e.V.

The Jewish community in Dresden has a long tradition. However, it was interrupted by the persecution by the Nazis and the destruction of the Semper Synagogue in Dresden in 1938.

In 2001, the Jewish community could inaugurate their new Dresden Synagogue. Today the Jewish community in Dresden is developing successful and counts about 900 members.


Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden

The Verein Sonnenstrahl e.V. Dresden accompanies and supports families with children with cancer, in stationary and home care with experienced staff and versatile support services for many years since the 1990ies. We are supporting that humanous facility.


JCC Krakow

The JCC Krakow supports the Jewish community in Krakow and arround. JCC serves as a meeting place for people of Jewish descent and of course for interesting people of any other religion. The centre is also open for people who are interested in Jewish culture, religion and tradition. The offered program includes different workshops, language courses as well as exhibitions, movie and book presentations, private views and talks about Judaism, Hasidism, Halacha and principles of religion.

After many years of economical suffering JCC Krakow today is going economically strong. Therefore they could realise their own Kindergarten, School and Seniors Home. 



In 1912, some female American Jews founded today's Hadassah Medical Center, one of the largest medical centres in the Middle East. "Hadassah" (means "Myrtle") combines numerous committed men and women all around the world. These people stand for a better medical care in Jerusalem, promote medical education and research not only in Israel and the Middle East but for global benefits. The Mission Hadassah represents the idea that all people should independently obtain the same medical care regardless of their religion or national origin.

PEGASUS Chess summit

From 2012 till 2015, PEGASUS Wohnen® holds an annual event in Dresden, the PEGASUS IGM Chess Summit, which was supported by ZMDI Schachfestival Dresden e.V. For this event all international grand masters of FIDE (World Chess Federation) are invited to Dresden. The condition for participation was completion of the age of 75 at the time of the event. In addition to the advertisement for the sport of chess, the main targets of the event had been to create a special atmosphere for the oldest generation of Grandmasters without being exposed to the direct pressure of a hard competition.


Students adopt Dresdner monuments

PEGASUS is teaching at the historical monument, with the monument and for the monument.

PEGASUS Living awards a prize for the best project idea in the category "Revitalization of a Monument" from 2012 till 2016. The award has been given to the project idea, which deals with the transformation of a listed property in compliance with heritage aspects.


6. Women's World Cup Fist ball 2014

From July 29th to August 03rd, 2014, the world best nations of fist ball met in Dresden to fight out the world champion in fist ball for women. Fairness, fast games, strategy and ambition mark this sport. We supported them.


Book exchange „Marie“

The book exchange “Marie” / Dresden-Seidnitz is a contact point for all generations. For bookworms there are books, recorded music and media to borrow for free. It is also a place for communication, information, social counseling, sports and recreation and thus a great addition to the neighborhood Seidnitz.

We supported them with several donations.


SG Dresden Striesen

Having PEGASUS Residenz Dresden GmbH as sponsor and a newly formed up team, the youth soccer team C1 hit the grounds running in the new season 2012-2014 in the federal soccer league of Saxonia. We will supported them. 


TC Blau-Weiss

As a neighbor we are supporting the Tennis-Club TC Blau-Weiß Dresden-Blasewitz e. V. in promoting Tennis-Sport for all ages. Motivation and success through all stages of life. We are supporting them.